About us

Aaraish StoreWelcome to AARAISH, your ultimate destination for high-quality traditional Islamic attire, accessories, and Hajj products. At  AARAISH, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and exceptional service.

Our Story

Founded in 2014, AARAISH has been a labor of love, born out of a passion for preserving and celebrating cultural heritage, particularly in Islamic dress and Hajj products. What started as a small venture has now grown into a trusted online store, serving customers worldwide with our carefully curated collection of traditional clothing, accessories, and Hajj essentials.

Our Mission

At AARAISH, our mission is simple: to offer our customers the finest quality products that reflect the beauty and elegance of traditional Islamic attire and Hajj products. We are committed to sourcing premium materials, collaborating with skilled artisans, and ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Our Values

Integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction are at the core of everything we do. We believe in transparency, honesty, and treating our customers with the utmost respect. Our values guide us in every decision we make and inspire us to continuously strive for excellence.

Why Choose Us?

Thank you for choosing Aariash. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the perfect pieces to elevate your style, celebrate cultural heritage, and prepare for Hajj.

For inquiries, feedback, or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you!

Warm regards,


Founder, Abdul Qadir Shaikh